Amy Barker Trimble

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I have done extensive work with couples and families and have had many successes. In particular, I have had very positive outcomes when working with couples who are dealing with infidelity, or families who are facing difficulties with their young or adolescent child. In most of these families, there was improvement in the family functioning without ever having seen the child or adolescent.

I am very interested in learning about you and your struggles, and am motivated in helping you understand your difficulties in a different way. Through my work with families, I have come to understand that there is no one person at fault for the current problem.

My focus is on helping individuals within the family improve how they function. It really only takes one person taking more responsibility for themselves to make a change. For parents who have children/adolescents with severe emotional, behavioral, or social problems, this can be a very effective approach.

(760) 683-4279

450 South Melrose Drive

Suite 114

Vista, California  92081

Specialties include:

Marriage/Relationship Counseling




Family Counseling

Individual Issues




Workplace Issues

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